Random Thoughts

The Love He Had For Me

When you’re torn between today
And tomorrow
And holding out for something you
Cannot see
There’s a strength you can find
Knowing in God’s own time
You’ll discover what He meant to be
‘Cause love like the Father intended
Is more than just a state of the heart
So don’t give up hope in the holding on
‘Cause no matter who you are

There’s a love He has for you
There’s a heart that He’s been saving
There’s a joy beyond all measure
That only comes from waiting
There’s a love He has for you
It’s more than the hope you’re holding to
And you will find the only love that’s true
Is the love He has for you

“The Love He Has For You” *Point of Grace – The Whole Story

I remember hearing this song in 5th grade and my mom pointing out the lyrics to me then as a source of encouragement to stand strong in my convictions. At 11, I wasn’t sure what I was agreeing to but this song became a theme song of my life … much to my dismay! Ha.

IMG_7842As many of you know, Joey and I became engaged on Monday night but the majority of you found yourselves saying, “Wait? What?! I didn’t even know (insert Melody or Joey’s name here) was dating someone!” Well, there’s a good reason for that it’s because we didn’t post our relationship all over social media.  Joey has been the most unexpected blessing and the sweetest gift of my life, second to my salvation in Christ. We found ourselves simply wanting to savor our time together and get to know one another away from the social media spotlight.

I wasn’t looking for Joey … I wasn’t looking for any guy. FullSizeRender (24)Joey came into my life after a season of deep surrender, obedience, and acceptance of the Lord’s will for my life. Now, I am by no means saying that if someone does this then the Lord will bring the one they have been waiting for into their life … this is just what has happened to me. The key was that Joey was going through something similar in his life. I have had different times of surrender and acceptance over the years and periods where I was walking in disobedience as did Joey. We have discovered several times in the last few years that our paths crossed but we didn’t meet. I truly believe it’s because one may have been ready but the other wasn’t. However, once we were both ready then the Lord allowed our paths to cross at our church through our pastor! We have been on a whirlwind adventure ever since. I love my singing, gentle giant, who has a heart for the hurting, a deep love for the Lord and a precious love for me.

We are so grateful for every twist and turn in our paths that brought us closer to the Lord and directly to each other. We are also grateful to each and every one of you for your expression of love to us. You all mean the world to us. Thank you for your many prayers for us over the years. We covet your prayers in the days and years to come.

We truly believe “the best is yet to come!”


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