This is Me


Greetings, Friends!

I am Melody Faith.

32 years of age.


Puppy mom to the adorable, Knightley Knox.

I am an introvert, a middle child, and a Pastor’s Kid.

Yet, delightfully normal!

I am a singer, a writer, a reader and a dreamer.

I love the Lord.

I seek to live for the Lord every day but am so thankful for His grace to cover my daily mistakes and His forgiveness for my sins.

I am still in the process of figuring out what I will be when I grow up but the fact that I am in grad school pursuing my masters in Mental Health Counseling is a pretty good indication of where I am headed.

However, I have learned that life is full of the unexpected. You can either laugh or cry over it. I choose to laugh 99% of the time.

So that’s what this site is about … seeking to find how full of joy this journey of life can truly be no matter what lies ahead!

Thank you for joining me!

Blessings …

Melody Faith


Please note: I am the legal copyright holder of the material on this blog unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to share information from this blog as long as is sited.


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