PK Life

We See You

We see you …

Yes, you.

The two, three, ten, fifteen or more huddled after the service discussing your frustrations about or over our dad.

We hear you …

Pick apart his sermon like he needs your critique after spending hours upon hours in the Word of God and on his face seeking the Lord for today’s message.

We see you …

When you leave every Sunday after Sunday School, Bible Fellowship or Life Group so you don’t have to hear the message the Lord has given him.

We hear you …

Complain about our mom missing one women’s ministry meeting, out of the 3 years we’ve been here, because she came to our ballgame … yet you haven’t been to a Wednesday night prayer meeting in months.

We see you …

Roll your eyes, vigorously shake your head, or turn blood red in the Business meeting when the church votes on a different (and better) roofing company’s bid than the company your child owns.

We hear you …

Criticize us for being late to Sunday School or Youth Group yet your kids never come themselves.


We get that there are expectations, realistic and unrealistic, placed on our dad and our family because we are in the ministry. We are just asking for grace – the same you would want extended to you and your children should your every move be watched.

We also want you to know that thanks to you we are having honest conversations with our parents about what it means to be like Christ vs. walking in the flesh, how to recognize those exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit and praying for God to bless those who hurt us (even when we really don’t want to).

We see you and we hear you … and may I humbly remind you, so does our Heavenly Father.

May we all commit James 1:19-20 to memory and action for the sake of the Kingdom of God …

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” James 1:19-20

**Some of these moments are from my life and others are things I have heard about. However, each example could easily apply to any church of any size at any time.**


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