Single Life

So Hacked

A week ago Friday I received an email from Christian Mingle, letting me know that my profile update had been approved. I thought that was funny as I hadn’t submitted any changes to my profile. I figured that was their attempt at getting me back on the site as I had been pretty MIA that week while preparing for my sister’s baby shower. I logged on and saw that they were asking me to update my job title again which I was pretty sure I already had on there. Anyway, I submitted the information “academic support assistant” and moved on with my day. A few hours later I received another email letting me know my picture had been approved. I was like, “what?” I log on and find this looking back at me …

Which one is not like the others? **

Yea, if only I had that jaw line. I quickly emailed customer support with the line “My account has been hacked.” I was with my mom grabbing a few grocery items for the shower at Walmart and quickly thinking of things to do when I decided to shut my account down. I didn’t want whoever this chick was to misrepresent me to guys or to offer things I would not be willing to do. I was so ticked off that this had happened. A friend that I met via CM emailed me through his personal email later that night to show me what was appearing on the website from me …

Isn’t that nice?


It took 4 days for my account to be turned back over to me. I had to prove through various ways that I was the true account holder. I had to read the email where they talk to you like you are a kindergartner and remind you to not give your account information to anyone. “Thank you. I didn’t.” I have no idea how this chick gained access to my account. After creating an entirely new email address, changing multiple passwords and signing over the rights to my firstborn child (which the joke is on them as I do not plan to have children) my account is back in my hands.

After thoroughly checking my profile for any deviant changes, I am ready to shut it down. My 6-month promotional period is almost up and it’s just not worth it to me to keep paying for this. Please know, I am not sharing from a place of discouragement or anything like that. I am genuinely glad I put myself out there on this site and I know that there are others that I can try but I am just not feeling it right now. I guess I am weird because I don’t want a guy who is only going to look at my profile every day but never take the step to communicate with me or when I take the step to say hi then I am ignored. Where are the men with gumption? Men who will at least meet you halfway on this.

img_4425I’m not interested in continuing to pay so I can find email buddies. I’ve been “one of the guys” my whole life. I love my guy friends but eventually that all has to change, as it should, when they start getting married so I’m not looking to add to that area of my life.

I still have a hope that there is a man out there that loves the Lord with his whole heart, is seeking to figure out what it means to live for Him on a daily basis, knows what it means to make mistakes and learn from them, desires to love and be loved by someone. Maybe that is asking too much. I don’t know. I am honestly not looking for anything that I am not willing to strive to be myself.

I am thankful for the experience I have had with Christian Mingle over the last 5 months as I have learned a great deal about myself and about others. I have seen some really ugly insecurities surface in me but have been able to bring them to the Lord and face them. I have had my convictions tested but have been able to stand firm on them. I have been able to hone in even more on what I am looking for in a mate vs. what I am not.


Thank you for walking with me on this CM journey. I’m ready for a break from it and should I decided to try online dating again it will definitely be with another site. But for now, I am not looking. I am going to enjoy Fall in East TN and prepare for the upcoming arrival of my baby niece.

Happy Fall Y’all!!

I love you all.


**DISCLAIMER** It appears the profile picture that the hacker added to my account was stolen as well. So the lovely woman in this picture is more than likely not even aware that her image has been used on a dating site!


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