Single Life

Lingering on the Mingle …

IMG_3710So this past week on the Mingle, I kindly said “thanks, but no thanks” to a guy who kept making it quite clear that the distance between us just wasn’t going to work and that if anyone was going to be making trips to visit the other person it would be me. See, he kept bringing up the fact, on his own, that he absolutely could not relocate because of his child which I totally respected until I found out that I lived an hour closer to his child than he does and I am 4.5 hours away. So call me mean if you want but I just can’t get behind being the one asked to make all the sacrifices when he won’t make the sacrifice of living closer to his son (and he made it clear he just doesn’t want to move). I am all for making a major move for someone who lives in the same city as their child but beyond that then there has got to be some give and take.

I also had a guy the week before messaging me answers to another girl’s questions. Now grant it, he had just been released from the hospital for what I believe was a medical and not a mental issue. J So he may have still be under the influence of some good medication. Anyway, he was so embarrassed when he realized what he had done that he blocked me. It saved me the effort of having to say “thanks, but no thanks!”

There are a few others, who seem to be normal, that have just started messaging me and

Romans 10:9-10

thankfully, they know of a definitive time in their life with they came to know Christ. Y’all … I would now say that 9 out of 10 guys mark on their profile that they have been a Christian their entire life. This is not possible. We were not born Christians. We were born sinners. And it is not possible to be raised to be a Christian. You can be raised a Baptist, a Methodist, a Presbyterian, etc … but you have to choose to follow Christ. Our parents cannot choose it for us. Period. Did you see where it says in verse 9 if you confess with your mouth and then again in verse 10 with the mouth one confesses? I don’t know about you but I understand to mean that at some point in every person’s life we have to face the fact that we are sinners and in need of a Savior. There is no other way around it. I am so burdened for these men. Head knowledge will not save you. Only a heart relationship with Jesus Christ provided through His redeeming work on the cross will.

IMG_2439I just updated my profile to include most of this paragraph as well as the verses commonly known as “The Romans Road” … perhaps it will cause some to think. At the very least I may receive some hateful messages about being judgmental but hey, I grew up in the ministry … I have thick skin. 🙂

Who knows … maybe I am on here to encourage others through this process but I am paid up through October and after that I doubt I will renew it. There are better things to spend my money on than weeding through every 6 out 10 guys’ stating that they are looking for a Proverbs 31 woman. I often tell them I’m looking for her too. J I’ve met many women who emulate many characteristics of her but I have yet to meet one woman who completely embodies everything about her …

So yea, one thing I am learning is that I am perfectly ok with my imperfect self that is seeking to grow more in the Lord, learn more about me and continue to find joy on the journey through this process.


I love you all!



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